Printer Slotter Die Cutter Inline Folder Gluer Counter Ejector Machine

● The whole machine is designed according to the high demand, high performance and high security.

● Electrical accessories of the machine and the main parts imported from Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and fully reflects the high quality and stability of the machine.

● The whole machine is controlled by the intelligent computer, touch screen data setting device, without manual adjustment alone.

● Using the whole vacuum adsorption conveying cardboard accurately conveying the board, improve accuracy and the effect of printing. (optional servo)

● Applications from key link, reduce center wear, phantom amplifier, maintain long-term printing alignment.

● Sticky paste using electric peristaltic pump, maintenance is simple. The VALCO spray adhesive system (can be selected)

● Paper department continuous film paper device, makes the dovetail effective modification.

● Sticky box adopts vacuum suction transmission, accurate line pressing roller, to ensure high precision sticky box.

● Count out department, high speed counting separation.

Model 920 924 1220 1224
Max design speed 280 250 250 230
Max feeding size 900x2100 900x2500 1200x2100 1200x2500
Min. feeding size 320x600 320x600 360x600 380x600
Max printing area 900x1950 900x2350 1200x1950 1200x2350
Skip feeding 1200x2000 1200x2400 1500x2000 1500x2400
Min. slotting distance (Forward Knife) 150x150x150x150 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160 160x160x160x160
Min. slotting distance (Reverse Knife) 260x60x260x60 260x60x260x60 260x60x260x60 260x60x260x60
Max slotting Depth 260 260 380 380
Gluing Width s45 s45 s45 s45
Two Slot Distance A 180~600 200~800 180~600 200~800
Two Slot Distance B 150~600 180~800 150~600 180~800

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