Mobile Flexo Printing Die Cutting Machine

  • Character
  • Feeder
  • Printer
  • Dryer
  • Vanisher
  • Die-cutter

● Business contract can be saved in computer system; can be quickly changed, and easy for operation(on separate PC platform).

● Additional computerized remote maintenance; which can quickly resolve equipment fault, improve repairing efficiency, and lower maintenance cost.

● All driving rolls are made of high quality steel, galvanized with hard chromium, with surface grinded.

● All driving gears are made of grinded high quality steel, Rockwell hardness >60 after heat treatment.

● Units of the machine can split either in auto or individual; bell rings during movement, ensure safety for operators.

Scram(E-stop) button is arranged for each unit, which can stop movements and ensure personal safety of operators in that units.

● Continuous feeding or skip feeding(with counter).

● Three axis lead edge feeder increases air flow volume; more stable and accurate.

● Vacuum air and pressure is controlled by inverter, to fit various paper size.

● Feeding stroke is adjustable, reduce tension on paper feeding rubber roll.

● De-dusting unit, brush and blower can remove debris from paper.

● Roll gap adjustment is achieved by computer and numeric control.

● Left and right paper guard are controlled by computer and numeric control.

● Rear paper rack is electric controlled, setting speed is fast.

● Interlock for main motor protection(machine is not lock in, motor cannot start running).

● Locking device at both left and right for reeled plate mounting, provide an accurate plate alignment.

● Pneumatic clutch is provided for anilox roll, while unit is engaged in printing, the speed will be synchronized with main machine; while not engaged in printing, anilox roll can stop running, this may reduce wearing of rubber roll and anilox roll, and no need to be synchronized with main motor during cleaning.

● Printing registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control.

● Traverse registration, is adjusted by computer and numeric control, at range of ±10mm.

● Gap between impress rolls, anilox rolls are adjustable through computer and numeric control.

● Auto switch cleaning device, more water ink is recycled.

● Auto system recovery after cleaning printing plate.

● Single doc. blade inking system.

● Quicken carton printing speed.

● Improve printing quality.

● Equipped with IR or UV dryer unit.

● Paper jamming detector is equipped, easy for operation.

● Water or oil based liquid are both applicable.

● While UV dryer is selected, UV varnishing is applicable.

● Can serve as printer unit.

● Driven by the servo motor,it further ensures the low vibration on the printer units to achieve higher printing accuracy.

● Anvil rubber roller speed compensation adopted independent motor for driving to control the rubber roller speed,the compensation scope is ±3.5mm,make the same speed between Anvil rubber roller and

● Die cutting roller. 40mm side to side oscillation of anvil drum device,prolngs the mats service life.

● The transversal movement is digitally adjusted by motor and PLC,rang about +10mm.

● Die-Cutting register is controlled by PLC with servo motor driving.

● Anvil rubber trimmer to keep surface of the anvil covers flat and smooth.

Model 920 924 1220 1224 1624 1628
Max design speed 260 250 250 230 180 160
Max coating production speed 120 120 120 120 120 120
Max feeding size 900x2100 900x2500 1200x2100 1200x2500 1600x2500 1600x2900
Min. feeding size 320x600 320x600 360x600 380x600 450x600 450x600
Max printing area 900x1950 900x2350 1200x1950 1200x2350 1600x2350 1600x2750
Skip feeding 1200x2000 1200x2400 1500x2000 1500x2400 1900x2400 1900x2800

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