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From March 15 to 17, 2022, “Tianjin yongliqi Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.” was invited to participate in the “German Munich corrugated products exhibition (CCE International)” held in Munich Trade Exhibition Center, Germany; As the only domestic brand invited to the exhibition in China, “yongliqi” represents our technology and industry philosophy!

CCE international, the corrugated paper exhibition in Munich, Germany, focuses on the production and processing of corrugated board and paperboard. It has firmly established itself as a special meeting point in this industry. The exhibition allows machinery, accessories and service suppliers to meet with international industry experts from the corrugated box industry to explore better solutions for the industry.

“Yongliqi” gained a lot in this exhibition. It not only shows the advanced nature of the corrugating printing machinery made in China, but also learns the mature idea of European and American printing machinery manufacturing, and has gained many European and American customers’ recognition. This exhibition also paved a broad road for “yongliqi” to enter Europe!